Fleet Vehicle Movers

fleet vehicle movers

Fleet Vehicle Movers

Vehicle Transport Authority is the best place to find an experienced fleet vehicle mover at a low price. Whether you are looking to move 2-3 cars from one home to another, or you have 100s of cars that need to be moved to a new business location, VehicleTransportAuthority.com can help. When you use VehicleTransportAuthority.com to hire a fleet vehicle mover you will not only get the best service available, but you will also get the lowest prices and top rated customer service.

Vehicle Fleet Moving FAQ

If you are in need of a vehicle mover to help transport your vehicle fleet and have questions about the process please read below. Here are some of the most common questions that we get asked about fleet vehicle moving services.

Why Hire a Fleet Vehicle Moving Company?

If you have multiple vehicles to move, consider the costs of gas, mileage, labor, and insurance for driving your fleet and you will quickly see that the convenience and cost of hiring a vehicle moving specialist to handle this all for you is very practical.

How many vehicles can be moved at once?

In the USA, specialty car-carriers typically carry between 5-9 cars, and are limited by a 80,000 lb. weight limit for vehicles.

What Considerations Should be Made When Transferring a Fleet of Vehicles?

One of the most commonly overlooked issues you need to consider when moving a fleet of vehicles, particularly fleets of more than 10 vehicles, is the staging process at both the pickup and delivery location, as you need to make sure you have adequate space, access, and availability for your fleet prior to pickup and delivery of your vehicle fleet.

Logistics is another issue that needs to be resolved, as in some cases, you may have parts of your fleet in separate locations. You should discuss whether it makes sense to consolidate your fleet prior to pickup with your vehicle moving company.