Specialty Automobile Shipping

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Specialty Automobile Shipping

Are you looking to move an exotic, antique, collectible, or show quality automobile from one location to another? Vehicle Transport Authority can help you get the best prices on high end vehicle shipping throughout the United States and the world. We know that our customers are looking for not only the lowest prices, but also the most reliable, reputable, and safe services available. Whether you are planning a one-time move or are regularly shipping your automobile from one event to the next, VehicleTransportAuthority.com has the service providers you are looking for.

High End Automobile Shipping FAQ

Here are some of the most popular questions customers looking for special automobile shipping services.

What Qualifies as an Exotic Car?

Exotic cars are typically defined as being high-end, high-performance, luxury vehicles with limited production runs and/or scare availability; but most of all, 'exotic' cars are EXPENSIVE and require special handling when being shipped.

What Special Factors are Considered when Shipping an Exotic, Antique, or Show Quality Automobile?

Transporting specialty automobiles can be tricky because even a minor ding or scratch can end up costing thousands of dollars to fix, and depending on the reason for shipping the car, the automobile may be on-demand for a live show or event that cannot wait. If you are the owner of such a car, you will probably not want to put unnecessary miles or wear on the vehicle, which is why it makes sense to hire a professional automobile shipping company to handle moving your car from one location to another. When you hire a car moving company for a specialty automobile, the following considerations are typically applied:

  • Covered Coach (as opposed to open car carrier)
  • Highly Experienced Driver and Moving Team
  • Premium Insurance Binder
  • Extensive Protective Packaging
  • Lift Gates (rather than ramps)
  • Additional Tips for Moving Specialty Automobiles

    You should be sure aware of the following when hiring an automobile shipping company to move your specialty vehicle:

    • The cost of shipping an expensive automobile will be substantially higher than shipping a generic car, which is worth it in situations where are car is irreplaceable or high-value (above $100,000).
    • Make sure your automobile shipping company will handle the shipping from end-to-end and not hire out the transportation to sub-contractors who will transfer the car multiple times from carrier-to-carrier to avoid unnecessary damages during transfer.
    • Make sure the automobile shipping company you choose has adequate insurance to cover the repair or replacement costs of your automobile to the degree possible.